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First of all thanks to everyone who answered my last questions.......Excellent forum !

Sprinter told me about a second hand black hardtop in Hayes and I got it for £420 yesterday which wasn't too bad although its in need of a re-spray.

someone has offered to spray it Navy blue for me for £130, Is this reasonable ?
He said, that metalic and pearlesecent Navy, primer, thinner etc etc is quite pricey, but I havn't got a clue.

Also, the passenger side clip rattles and although it closes, its loose against the securing clip.
I have tucked a bit of rubber underneath for now, but does anyone have a better solution ?

Finally, I think that I need a switch and wiring for the heated rear window, I have two terminals on my mg hardtop on the top and bottom of the heated rear window.
Is the wiring already in the hood area for the hardtop? or does it have to be installed ?

Is it a job I can do myself or a dealership job ?

Thanks again,


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I would have thought that £130 is reasonable for respraying a hardtop. I've heard of body shops asking for a lot more than that in the past. What you've got to ask yourself is will he do a good job.

You can adjust the clip. Open it up and you'll see a screw with a long nut in the middle of it. It's held in position with a metal wire clip. Flip this back and turn the screw (usually with your fingers) to tighten or losen the catch.

I think you've got a bit missing. There is a wire that connects to the top and bottom of the HRW with a plug on the end that then fits into the plug in the wiring loom (at back parcel shelf). Not sure where you would buy one of these or get one made up.
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