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SFulcher said:
What would happen to cars which were not fitted with Airbags when built? Would they automatically fail the MoT?
No, probably not, it would be like most things on the MOT - if it wasn't fitted at manufacture and isn't practically/technically retrofittable it doesn't matter - basically if it was legal when it was made and can no longer be illegal - otherwise there would be a requirement for all cars to meet the same emissions requirements for example.

Think back to rear seatbelts - if they aren't fitted then it is no illegal for your rear occupants not to be wearing them. I believe the same rule applies even to cars without front seatbelts but there will be very few of them on the roads.

I don't know if airbags are a legal requirement or not - I mean is there a requirement that even the newest MUST have an airbag system?? If there isn't, the complete removal of the system can't be illegal. The only thing that could be at fault is that the car is modified from the specification but I suppose you could always get the car reclassified by the DVLA.
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