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Gear Change

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I have a TF with a difficult gear change . It's always OK when the engine is cold but after apprx 20 miles it starts to get notchy and difficult to select gears but not impossible. Any ideas .
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Problem is I’m an old guy without a useable garage and a TF that lives under a cover on a nice driveway !
I agree that this is not the ideal time-of-year for working "Al-Fresco", but as the car is stored in damp conditions, Chris T's point is all-the-more valid. Brake fluid suffers the same hygroscopic effects of course. In the case of brake fluid, it does not get hot and release water (as steam!!) until you are braking hard, perhaps at the bottom of a long hill or downramp from and elevated Motorway?? Not a good place to realise that you should have changed fluids earlier!

I changed gearbox oil on my 20-year-old TF and the previously difficult 3rd to 4th, and 5th back down to 4th gearchanges became smooth-as-silk.
My gearbox oil was not low (I measured the volume which drained-out), but the old oil was pretty dark in colour:
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Changing the oil was an easy DIY job: a longish drive to get the oil hot, raise rear wheels on axle stands or ramps, remove drain plug (3/8" square socket driver fits nicely), then leave to drain into a 4-pint empty milk bottle or similar and go and have lunch.
Re-filling is a slow job unless you have a pump. I used a length of plastic tube and funnel from above:

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Whilst underneath the gearbox, worth checking that the gaiters around the cables are not like mine used to be:
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Again, it was an easy DIY job to change these.
Happy motoring next Spring!
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I notice that your boot lid cables seem to be in what looks like a piece of hose pipe, or do my eyes deceive me? Regards. D4KGP.
I suspect that this is "as delivered/as built" by Rover. There is certainly no record of any work in that area in any of the comprehensive service records, and the P.O does not seemed to have been a DIY'er.

If you & others reading this have "naked" cables in that area, I am guessing that someone has had problems with the loom in that area, and it has been exposed to do repairs.

The only other possibility that the dealer (MGF Centre Wolverhampton) did this very neat modification to prevent or at least reduce the probability of problems in that area. I would be interested to know what other TF owners with similar dated (2002) TFs.
It's always OK when the engine is cold but after apprx 20 miles it starts to get notchy and difficult to select gears but not impossible. Any ideas .
My next step is to replace the slave cylinder ( its weeping)
In the light of putting those two comments together, my strong suspicion is that ALL of your gearchange problems are down to a weeping slave cylinder, which MAY have been caused by internal corrosion "encouraged" by water in old Hydraulic fluid. The Hot engine would generate gas in that slave cyl. and make clutch action spongy and too weak to overcome clutch diaphragm spring?
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