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Before fitting the GBE boost controller I took some baseline test measurements of the boost levels.

The car was in the following spec:-

Rover Ron TU3b – setting 3
Air filter cover removed

With this spec peak boost of 18psi was hit at about 2000rpm which dropped back to 15psi above 3000rpm.

If we add the Rover Ron Spring mod then peak boost moved up to 21psi at 2000rpm again dropping back to 18psi above 3000rpm.

So the spring mod is worth 3psi as Ron suggests.

Adding the GBE didn’t really achieve much. All I was able to do was increase the boost level at 2000rpm but this is really no use as:-

1) Above 23psi clutch slip was present for sure.
2) At 23-24PSI the boost cut was hit – this creates a HUGE cloud of smoke out the back!!!

I was hoping the GBE would help the turbo to maintain 20psi at higher revs – but it didn’t. That’s not the fault of the GBE – it’s just that the turbo is not big enough to flow the required air at that boost level as far as I can see.

It was also noticeable that even with the air filter cover removed smoke was present above 21psi.

So overall disappointing. It appear that about 165BHP and 290/300lbft is as far as we can go on the standard turbo. I don’t run the 171 setting on the road – too much smoke!

So conclusions:-

1) The turbo really is at it’s peak at 18-21psi – there is no more left!!
2) If you have a CDTi with the spring mod it’s probably not worth fitting.
3) If you have a CDT it might be worth a go.
4) I didn’t really notice any improvement in spool up time.
5)There IS a boost cut at about 23psi.
6)The intake mod Mk2 did not restrict performance as far as I could tell.
7)I am sure that a hybrid turbo would achieve more power at a lower boost setting!

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