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Future project, similar to this...

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So i am buying a MG ZR soon hopefully in next month just waiting on some cash. I found this which would be perfect and is a hell of a bargain i think.

But sadly i cant find anyone to lend me the cash til end of the month :( so unless by miracle its still there ill have to get somehting different.

Question is how hard would it be to spray any future ZR's rims and wing mirror like this one, and even more important whyat front splitter has he got.. the black lip. I been looking for it all over but cant seem find it? Really looks nice.
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i would also like to know where to get that black front splitter thing and how difficult would it be to fit? thanks.
that black lip is an lcr splitter,

and spraying is ok! can do it all diy!

go to a seat dealership, about £22 last time i checked,

fix it on using a couple of self tappers and Tigerseal

what would i need to spray small things such as these things i have suggested, any idea how much a garage would change to spray rims, wing/m... splitter.

Thanks again for the help mate.

Also nice one on the lip.
what do you mean about the lip? i expect if you wanted to do it yourself it would be about £40, primer, colour and laquer. plus different grades of sand paper.

i havent done wheels so i dont know how much paint you would need, try R3nn3r, he seems to do it alot!

Garages is bound to be £40ph + vat just labour, before you get onto materials and will need a few hours work!

and remember, its all in the prep work!

Oh i meant cheers for finding out what it was (Y) also hmm tempting to do it myself but i know id mess up, plus i have no work space to do it in just my residential carpark and people would get ****** of if they got paint spray on there cars lol.

All i have done is install new wipers, induction kit, and a wheel minor things.

If i did get a garage to do it maybe i should do most the hard part myself. watch a few videos on youtube maybe about sanding it etc.
Depends what you're getting sprayed etc. If you take it to a bodyshop it shouldn't be too much!

I tried it myself and it looked okay from far away, but up close you could tell it was different. If it's on the car it's really hard to do yourself, if it's not on the car i.e just parts lying about I'd take it to a garage as they won't charge as much as if it was on the car.
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