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fuse keep blowing

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hi can anyone help ?? the coil fuse in the engine fuse box keeps blowing (fuse number 9 ) seems to be mostly when i am reversing , but could be just a coincidence, have been qouted £100 + vat for a new coil dont really want to renew this unless absolutely sure it is the coil ...can anyone help please !!
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I was never aware the ignition coil was seperately fused!

Think you need to be looking elsewhere
cheers ..will check it out when i get back home on weds. i know it was the number 9 fuse, will check hand book . thanks once again
fuse blown

hi just got back home checked owners handbook and def states that fuse 9 in the engine fusebox is..ignition coil ( petrol models) have not taken it for a run yet but will do and try to determine if it is blowing when i am reversing. could it be a bad earth or a bare wire ?? just grasping at thin air really, as i know sod all about electrics. is it worth getting a auto electrition to have a look / any advice would be appreciated ....thanks
hmmmm, seems to be when you are reversing! Is this before or after a drive? If it's after could be cause coil/pack is getting hot from engine heat!? (again like you just grasping at straws here)(it's just that the only time we ever here fans kick in is after a good drive when we come to reverse up drive, seems car/engine is just that bit hotter at that point!?)
hi guys found fault ..wire rubbing on starter motor became bare shorting out and blowing fuse. tapedup with insulating tape, all is well. thank you all for your help
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