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Any chance of some help with this

problems im having with my rover 820 si 2.5 leter n reg automatic

1)over heating- runs fine for little bit then boils like a kettle (temp gage rises fast)
i have replaced water bottle/thurmostat/heat sencer/rad (but its a rover 800 rad)

2) has trouble starting wont quite turn over

3) when starts and i put from park to reverse or drive it tends to cut out also if im sitting at traffic

Also it ilels badly and again tends to cut out

Thnaks for your help



That sounds very much like a blown head gasket or two. The 2.5 V6 engine is very prone to this and quite honestly your car is probably beyond economic repair. It will probably cost the thick end of £1000 to put right.

However, before condemning the car you could try putting a bottle of K-Seal into the coolant. It can be bought on ebay for about £10 - and at that price has to be worth a go.
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