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Freelander running on 3 cylinders Help :)

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Ello again as title says really my dads freelander is a 1999 1.8 and is running on 3 cylinders the things we have changed so far are

  • spark plugs
  • dizzy cap
  • ht leads
what else could we change ? i no we can change the injectors but can we use injectors off a mems 3? as this freelander is a mems and i no it could be a bust valve or something why its running on 3 cylinders or head gasket but any help or advice would be great :)

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with engine running and you well insulated remove one spark plug lead at a time on the working three the engine will probably stop when you remove one and it makes no difference that cylinder is your culprit , check for sparks from plug leads whilst off by holding lead near part of engine taking care about fuel vapour catching fire ,,get a compression tester would be my first thought unscrew all plugs screw in compression tester to each plug hole in turn spin engine over with throttle wide open take note of figures you will probably find one cylinder has a very low reading if they are all the same then it must be ei injector / fuel . if you have sparks from all four and four lots of compression readings of a similar poundage/pressure +/- 10 or so lbs then its a fuel problem if its electronic injection not sure how to check that but while plugs are out which plug looks dry is a start PS did you change the Rotor arm ?

yeh mate going to do a compression test first and so on :) and not chnged the rotor arm i actually never thought to do this while the dizzy cap was off but i will get one and change it :) thanks for the advise/help :)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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