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Thank you for the suggestions, but let me explain a little better what I mean with “stay accelerated above 1000 r/min”, in fact when I stop the car for example in a red light, the engine comes to the idle speed of 1250 r/min but should come to the normal regime which is 750 r/min.This happen sometimes is an intermittent problem.
The computer test was done using the Land Rover tools connected to the car to interrogate the ECU, no faults detected.
I don´t think that the poblem is in the acelerator pedal, is more an electrical problem.
Any way I`m going to following your suggestions then I let you know about the results.

1250rpm is the speed that the ecu selects then it believes there is a fault with the throttle position sensor.

The sensor itself is usually quite reliable. The wiring to it can be suspect on the 25/45/zr/zs cars though. Also check the brake light switch (and bulbs too) as if faulty that can cause the ECU to sulk. Pressing the throttle and brake pedal together and you can usually see the idle speed slowly return to 1250rpm even when the throttle pedal is pressed.

Also check the adjustment of the throttle position sensor itself as there is an idle switch inside it so if it doesn't return to zero then the ECU may believe it is faulty.

Does the freelander respond to the paperclip method of reading the fault codes as MANY fault code readers don't work correctly with the earlier L series engines.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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