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freelander door not unlocking

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hi there guys

i was wondering if anyone knew as to why my central locking opens all the doors but the drivers door

but when i lock it it locks all the doors ?

has anyone come accross this before and know what i need to replace


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Almost certain lock assy needs changing, same as the 75 IIRC. There are two motors in the lock assy and one of them has become lazy.
Yep, been here too.

When I stripped the latch assembly down I found that the spring connections to the motor had corroded away, unfortunately the strip down is destructive and a one way operation.

IIRC the latch is a Bosch part and it surprised me that it had failed this way.

As has been mentioned the 75/ZT latch is identical and they are usually cheaper than the Freelander version.
Very common fault with the Freelander and as said above, a new latch is the way to go - simple to fit as well :)
Rover 75 and Freelander Central Locking Solenoid Thing Really The Same?

Hi, I have a common fault on my 2000 Freelanders lol. I have 2 at the moment, 1 takes a few clicks of the remote to get the doors all unlocked but lock on first press of the button, and the other Freelander locks fine but the drivers door doesn't unlock on the remote.

Is the Rover 75 unit exactly the same?
I have had this problem too.

75 latch assemblies are a direct fit.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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