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Went to the motorshow at the NEC last Wednesday! Top top draw. Checked out all the stands, well after a good damn long stint with the MGRover guys of course!!!!
On the Landrover stand, they had the new 2004 freelander.
Now, correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't this car supposed to have fords bits, i.e engine, gearbox, dials etc etc??? On inspection under the bonnet, a 1.8 k-series! Even the gearknob was out of a Rover 200!!!!
Whist i had the bonnet up, 3 blokes were checking it out, and 1 of them said "oooooh they still use that 1.8 k-series from Rover. It was and is still prone to HGF. I've heard many a case in which they've had many a problem with it and still haven't managed to sort it out!"
At which point i turned and asked, escuse me but which car do you drive? Now i'm not knocking the car, as i felt it a bloody fantastic little motor, but he said the new Mini 1!!!! :doh:
Of course this meant me going deep in conversation about how the Mini had pretty much the same problem. I told him, i know loads of people that have cars with the k-series, many well over the 100k mark and not 1 has had HGF!!! Quite a big factor in the HGF was down to the lack of weekly checks on the oil and water levels. I asked him if he chekced under the bonnet once in a while, and his reply was "NO"! I said enough said and walked away.
TBH, he looked and felt lost for words, stunned at my remark.

These people just have to be told! :lol: :lol:

Gave him my 2p's worth!!!
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