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Free Rover Torque Membership

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Good to see that the celebrations of 100 years of Rover have already begun at :)



RoverTorque are proud to be celebrating 100 years of Rover cars during 2004. We are providing FREE membership to the first 2000 on-line applicants throughout the year. Thats right - Absolutely free!

All you need to do is give us 3 minutes of your time to fill in a membership application form on-line*. (see link on left).

The free basic 'e-membership' entitles the joiner to all the benefits of an established club but with an e-mail newsletter instead of printed publications. e-members can upgrade to the full membership at any time.

e-members are still entitled to club discounts, entry to venues through the year, discounts from suppliers plus reduced insurance quotes and vehicle recovery.

*Please note, you must have internet access/e-mail to take advantage of this amazing offer.

RoverTorque - THE Club for ALL Modern Rover Owners from 1986+
Rover 200, 400, 600, 800, 25, 45, 75, CityRover etc
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Good find that, Ive just gone and applied. seems to offer good benefits and deals

Yup the Breakdown Recovery seems something of a bargain:)


The insurance deals alone are worth joining established owners clubs for.
they're a well-established bunch with interesting articles. thanks for the tip!

Yup... That's me joined up...

Cheers JS...

ChrisD said:
boing:bgrin: ???

1. we know a song about that.

Boing boing, boom chuck! chuck chuck
Boing boing, boom chuck, ping!
Boing boing, boom chuck! chuck chuck
Boing boing, boom chuck, chomp!

or so I am told on the interrent.

2. In Mega City One it is spelt BOING (R) as it is a registered trade mark.


(let Rovertorque beat THAT standard of posting!) :bgrin:
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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