This has been copied from my ebay listing, there are more photo's, but I can't download them...

"Hi, and welcome to the sale of my Rover 623GSI.

I am only selling as I have agreed to buy another motor, which is too good to pass up, otherwise I would be keeping this one as she really is a nice car to drive, and really stands out amongst todays cars. Its a shame I don't have anywhere to keep her, but I already own another car, so this would be one too many- where have you heard that before!

She was registered in 1994, which makes her an early one, and one of only 58 currently on the road, so something of a rarity, in fact, when did you last see one?
She has just over 118 thousand on the clock, which is low for her age, but this will increase slightly as she is still my daily driver.

Engine and auto-box are in good condition- the engine pulls really well with plenty of power when you need it.
Auto-box does what its supposed to do- shifts well, kicks down when needed and has the sport mode which has only been used the once just to make sure it works- which it does!

Leather seats are in good condition, just a bit of wear on the drivers bolster as you would expect from a car of this age.

All the electrics work -all 4 electric windows work, but the rears are a bit slow as they never get used. Sun roof works fine. Heated/electric mirrors work, as does the electrically adjusted drivers seat. I had the air-con re-gassed (there were no leaks, in fact there was still some of the original gas in it! there just wasn't enough of it in the system), which is now nice and cold. Central locking works on all 4 doors. Even the electric aerial works! I fitted an aftermarket radio so I could listen to my mp3, but I've still got the original working radio, complete with its code.

So all the running gear and electrics work fine.

The body work is in really good condition (there's a scabby bit by the rear nearside light cluster which was like that when I bought her, and some small scabs by the bottom of the wheel arches which I've treated with a rust inhibiter), but no rust as such, certainly not like the other Rover 600 I owned years ago.

The only thing that lets her down is the paintwork, she certainly cleans up well and is nice and shiny, but its the idiots in public car parks that have done the damage- both sides (mainly the drivers)show the scars of people who throw open their car door without a care for whatever is parked next to them (why oh why are people so selfish?). The bumpers have scuff marks on the corners too, and there is a bit of lacquer peel on the roof-which is down to me, I didn't clean off bird poo as quickly as I should and when I did it pulled off the lacquer-infuriating! I've had to repaint part of the nearside wing due to someone denting it in a car park.

Previous owners, with one old gent in particular, have done a great job of maintaining this old Rover.
There is an A4 folder full of documentation/history which you wouldn't be allowed to do today due to GDPR, and so to maintain the history I've kept receipts for any work I've had done. There are service stamps in the book up to 98,000.

On my to do list were the alloys which would benefit from refurbishment, and clean up the bumpers. These items are not needed immediately, but they would spruce up her appearance!

She still has her original leather owners pack, along with the aforementioned massive folder of history.
I will include a Haynes manual and some other odds and sods in the boot which I will no longer be needing.
She still has her original dealer licence plates!

So to sum up, I really don't want to sell her as she is so nice to drive and looks so distinctive. When was the last time you saw one in such good condition, with so much history and a very rare Royal connection?

The Royal connection? The first registered keeper was a doctor, in fact he was Queenies personal doctor, so the first recorded address is Buckingham Palace!

If your still reading this, well done! But this is where it gets serious....

If you have less than 10 feedback please don't bid without contacting me first as I will reject your bid.
If your serious about buying, then I would expect you to want to come and view her, but I know not everyone lives round the corner from me, so I will answer any questions, but it might not be straight away as I'm not always in front of my computer or have my phone on me.
Please remember that your bidding to buy, not dick around.
Payment must be made in full before I let her go, and preferably not paypal as I get charged a commission.
I do not have off road parking, so please bear that in mind if you don't intend collecting the car immediately as I wont accept any responsibility for anything that happens between payment and collection, and no, I cant deliver.

Sorry if any of this sounds harsh, but at least we're all singing from the same hymn sheet I'm sure we've all been there before.."