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Hopefully someone will be able to help with this one....?

Went to go out in the Coupe at lunch, only to find that the blippy fob had stopped responding between parking and locking and lunchtime. Went out to get a new battery for it, but this has made no difference.

Amusingly, the book doesn't have the KAC logged, so I can't bypass the
immobiliser, and the car's is too to have the KAC listed on the dealer
Am I missing something?

Is there a step I should have done between fitting the new battery to the
fob and attempting to unlock the car?

Do I need to get it on the dealer diagnostics system?

Is the new battery duff...?

Thanks all - hopefully it'll be something simple... Top tip for the day:
Make sure you have the KAC before you need it...
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