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Fitting Lexus Lights

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Maybe a pathetic question to you enthusiasts! but can some one please give advice, a kinda step-by step to removin the standar lights rear lights and placing the new ones - i knw i'l break sumin myself!

Its a rover214 (96) model.

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not much too it really - unfasten old ones - fit new ones.

it is fully covered by the haynes manual
search the site 1st all ready done!!!

undo a couple of screws holding the boot trim in place, uncip the bulb holder, undo 3 screws, remove rear lights. Take off the seal around the lights & locate on new lights, put new lights onto car, do up the 3 screws, clip the new wiring loom into the connector that was connected to the OEM bulb holder, locate the bulbs in their holders & relocate the boot trim.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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