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I purchased a second hand tow bar for my Rover 216 Cabrio. I am now trying to fit it and find that;-
1) it would appear that I need to remove the rear towing eye that is welded in position so that the tow bar will go far enough up to the spare well to get a good fixing.
2) the front of the tow bar ends in a plate with 2 holes but I have nothing to mate this plate to. It is in line with the rear suspension cross bar so I would imagine that there should be some form of bracket that fixes to this cross member and picks up on the tow bar end plate.

Can anyone out there provide me with any details of these fixings. I have full workshop facilities so can manufacture any bracketry that is required,

Many thanks in anticipation

A dedicated Rover owner
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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