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Fitting a camed and ported head.. Advice please

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In the next few days we looking to fit a new head which has been:
Cleaned and Re-Cut Valves,
Valve Stem Oil Seals,
Piper Fast Road Cams and
Cam Shaft Oil Seals.
We going to do head gasket aswell..

Any advice and tips on timeing the cams up and how would it run after and anythink else.?

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Haynes or the Rover K series overhaul manual.

If you have the cams done, have you got verniers? If so it wont be as straight forward. Depends which pulleys you have as to which marks are on them.

Once you get it timed enough to run take it to a specialist and get it timed specifically for your cams.
Non standard cams may well need vernier pulleys to set the timing correctly. See the section on timing here -
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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