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First Service

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Just paid a small fortune for my first service to my MG ZT 160+ with a approved dealer, whilst I am told it has had an oil change and inspection. Does any one know what has/should have been completed? there are no visible signs ie grease on door hinges of any work outside of the oil change.
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I just had the 1st service in my Rover 25 and it cost £201 plus another £28 to have the clutch pedal de-stiffened and a new engine map download (interesting that one, as I thought the MEMS system learned the engine characteristics as it ran).

One would have thought that this work would be thrown in gratis at this point.
I even got charged £4 for "toxic waste disposal"!

Have I found the real reason for MG Rover's sales down-turn?
The rip-off dealers?

Oh, it was Viking Rover in Southampton.
that is preficly normal for a first service there should be no need for any work to be carryed out.

the toxic waste charge is normal too every part of a car has to be disposed of properly now that includes everything from oil on a service to dismantleing the hole car in a scrappy.

the £28 was proberly for the engine remap as the cluch should have been covered by warenty but the map wont have.

its true the ecu alters setings acording to its resant driveing stile but MGR will produce new maps to improve emitions and smoth out any dips in power ect which the ecu can not on its own

i dont know what u got charged joe but 200+ for a first on a 25 seems high would be worth ringing around dealers next time to get the price quoted for the basic service next time
The service was cheap for a dealer. When you use a dealer you use MG Rover parts you also get updates for the ecu and recall stuff done as well. If you take it to an independent you still have to buy MG Rover parts. I NEVER use independents for any of my service needs.
I'm sorry but I took my ZT to an independant dealer (ex Rover 96) and it cost £70 inc VAT. I supplied the oil (X Power 0/40 Fully Synthetic) and the filter. Cost £24 ex VAT.

The MG dealers wanted £115-£165 utter rip off merchants. The independant dealer is better in every respect. The main dealers don't give a ****. The worst dealers are the large groups IMHO. I used to use Perrys of Dewsbury and their service levels were an utter disgrace - they once glanced out of the window (it was raining) to do the paint check. Mind you I must admit that all main dealers are not as bad as Perry's were - I understand Perrys of Huddersfield was just as bad before the Rover franchise was removed.

first sevice

yep cost me £198 for my ZS 110+ at Luffield in loughborough.
I cannot believe how much you pay! Obviosuly dearer in locations where the dealer network is thin. However there are plenty of ex Rover dealers out there
depends on brands as well as the size of the dealer i know a very large vaxhall dealer that dose major services at £199 for most of its cars
Look at your handbooks.

For warranty to remain valid, servicing needs to be undertaken to MGR specifications. Ask what they are going to do before you agree a price. get the specification from them in writing. That way you have a record of what you have paid for and you can check that it has been done.

You should not be charged for anything other than service items listed in the service specification for the time/mileage. Exceptions are wear and tear items such as brake pads. It is well worth checking round before a service. Common trick - call from dealer telling you that pads and disks require replacement. If you have checked before, you KNOW if they do/do not.
Look at pads, tyres, look under bonnet for leaks. Check that all doors open/close properly.

Any ECU remapping or service action repairs/checks are part of the warranty and about the only good reason to visit the dealer. In any event if you book your car in for a warranty job, then they should do any service actions then. Ask them what service actions are due and tell them to do them. You have paid for the warranty in the price of the car.
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The annoying thing was that if it had been serviced in the Cannock area, the 1st service would have cost £160.

Being a southerner, I had to get it serviced locally, but ALL the local concerns in Fareham, Winchester and Southampton charge the same. It's either "menu" servicing prices (which Rover don't do), or it's a cartel caused by the fact there are so few dealers (3) in the Southampton/Winchester/Fareham area. There used to be 7 at one time.

One would imagine my car remain Rover serviced until the warranty runs out. Then I'll find a decent independant (that'll be interesting...)
MEMS map downloads should be part of the shouldn't be paying extra for those for gods sake!!

I'm sorry, but you got ripped.
The sales brochure of a 75 said that there was a total of 6 hours of scheduled servicing in the first 4 years - big selling point for me. The first service was charged at 2 and half hours which leaves very little for the next 3 which are the same if not bigger. I could not get a satisfactory answer from the dealer.
When my TF went in for it's first service i'd heard nothing but bad stories about dealers what with prices and stuffing things up (not locally to here but generally). Everywhere wanted about £240 round here, so I tried Brown and Gammons near Letchworth who wanted £140, knowing the cars well I went for them, sure it's an 80 miles round trip but it was a day out and saved me £100!

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