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Hi, i have now got my Ti interior all sorted and all my electic windows are working, so i have got a few bits available if anyone needs them also a few other odds and sods...

1. Left and Right rear window mechanisms working perfectly.

2. Left and right rear door cards in grey, no wood in the doors, and got the light small stripey pattern on the door cards.

3. I have a clarion tape player with CD autochanger. Few scratches on the radio, but works absoloutly perfect, with just the Right hand plastic cover for the radio snatch pins missing. Comes with 3 cartrdges @ 6 cd's per cartridge.
Doesnt officially play CDR's but it does ;) Doesnt play CDRW's though.

4. Left hand side rear electric window switch

Anyone interested make me a decent offer :)


Stu C
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