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Can you buy a cheapish fault code reader for the Rover MEMS engine management system used on late MINIs and, I believe, most K-series engined cars (including the Elise!!). Gunson do a DIY one for the Rover 600 range and many other makes but never reply when I suggest this product to them. It costs me an arm and a leg to visit the main dealer to use their diagnostic equipment whenever my Mini develops an ignition/injection fault (which seems to be quite often - Friday afternnon car I'm sure!).Thanks for your help.

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I'm not into universal dignsotic kit coz we have the dedicated T4 unit and 98% of our workshop throughput is MGR vehicles, negating the need for me to purchase any specialised fault code reading equipment.

Our other 'All-makes' Service Centre have a Sykes-Pickavant Fault Code Reader with interchangeable modules allowing diagnosis of many different systems. I'm sure this system has the MEMS 'pod'

It's not a cheap bit of kit, mind. I recall it was over £1200-worth:(

The only other way I can think of getting some fault code equipment is to attend a closing down sale [Yeah, I know it's a negative thought:~(] of a MGR Dealer and buy the OLD hand-held Microcheck Tester and associated cabling/cards. We still have ours [but never use it] but it is broken>=( with a cable fault.

Hope this helps:)

PS. Mini SPI/MPI do have a tendancy to have a liking for MEMS faults, usually caused by a broken/chafed wire in the cramped engine bay???
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