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Fate or Accident.....?

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Hey All!
Just thought I would finally come out of the shadows and introduce myself. I joined a while back for the technical know-how on my first car and didnt really know what to say but here I am now! Just bought my third car, and once again, its another Rover. So far my history is; 1996 1.1i Rover Metro, 1996 1.6 Rover 400 Saloon.
And the new one is a 2000 1.4il Rover 25. After the joys of my first 2 I just couldnt help myself. Anyways this is me saying, I am an enthusiast, I am George.
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Hi and welcome to :)

Where abouts in London are you?

Also, just so you know, its against the law here to post without photos! :D lol
I'm in West london, next to Heathrow Airport.
And i'll work on the photos, got to find them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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