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Fade lighting in fog lamp when breaking

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So, now it is getting dark up here I see that when I apply the breaks the fog light on the dash lights up, all be it weakly.

First thoughts are of the wiring loom in the corner of the boot... Any other ideas on this? I took out a Schematics of the circets but there seems to be no natural cross over. So my guess is worn wires, ergo, the wiring loom.

Anyone care to offer another opinion?

Oh, and anyone up for an early Artic Circle, we just had our first snow a bit further up in Sweden..... BRRR
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Sounds like an earth fault on the brake switch.

Have you checked whether the foglights are coming on dimly too?
So, today, a friend and I (thankfully he works as an electrician for SAS) removed the back panel of the left hand rear cluster and popped the plug out, the earth was very bearded so a couple of minutes with some sand paper and then a go at the inside of the plug with a "de-burring" tool (I am sure you get the picture) and then a spray of contacts spray, put it all back together....... Perfect.... So, a happy ending :bgrin2:

Modding a Volvo, by the way, is like putting make-up of a pig :_poke:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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