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Expansion tank replacement PCF000142 (aluminum reinforcement pieces)

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Hi to all!

I had a small hole in my 19 years old expansion tank, and instead of repairing it, I decided to buy a new one from Rimmer. The new one arrived and it comes with two aluminum reinforcement pieces for the two holes. The thing is, in my old expansion tank there are those pieces, but I'm not able to remove them because they are very tight to the plastic. But in the new one, the pieces are loose. If I mount these pieces, for sure they will fall into the hoses and will end up in the engine...

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Has anyone here had these troubles before?
there is a special way to mount the aluminum reinforcements? maybe applying hot air to the plastic?
or did you mount without them?

Thanks for your help guys!
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Perhaps the plastic outlets/header tank casing is not as sturdy as the originals and this aluminium ( not stainless steel?) sleeve is desirable due to this.
Consideration:- leave the pieces in, but put a jubilee clip over the hose around the plastic area, and another one on the hose where the metal tube extends into the hose. Neither can then move.
Opinions vary, but I wouldn’t not use the sleeve, since the plastic outlet may not be strong enough ( on this replacement tank) to withstand the compressive force of the jubilee clip.
Sorry pisxa but I cannot agree with your logic that a tightened jubilee clip over the hose won’t result in a tight fit of the sleeve into the plastic of the header tank. As Deepfat says - you have to try it before discounting your logic that it will not work - it might or indeed it might not ( as you claim) but you need to try it first.
On the other hand, I agree with Julian that parts are often replicated ‘in general form’ , but important operational detailing can be overlooked/ ignored.
I can only think something is getting lost in the translation here, so best for you to do exactly as you want to do.
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Hello Pisxa.
Thanks for now explaining that you had tried the hose and jubilee clip suggestion to compress the plastic - and it hadn’t worked - rather than appearing to dismiss the suggestion without trying it. Now we all understand you will need to return the header tank - if practical.
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I can understand the good intentions to get to the bottom of this, but due to delays, shipping etc. etc. why not get a local machine shop/ technical college to turn you up a suitable fitting piece of stainless pipe?
Kind regards,
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