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Expansion tank replacement PCF000142 (aluminum reinforcement pieces)

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Hi to all!

I had a small hole in my 19 years old expansion tank, and instead of repairing it, I decided to buy a new one from Rimmer. The new one arrived and it comes with two aluminum reinforcement pieces for the two holes. The thing is, in my old expansion tank there are those pieces, but I'm not able to remove them because they are very tight to the plastic. But in the new one, the pieces are loose. If I mount these pieces, for sure they will fall into the hoses and will end up in the engine...

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Has anyone here had these troubles before?
there is a special way to mount the aluminum reinforcements? maybe applying hot air to the plastic?
or did you mount without them?

Thanks for your help guys!
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Even if the two aluminum sleeves are not a tight fit out of the box, once you put the hoses on and install the hose clamps, the expansion tanks' plastic pipes are going to squeeze the aluminum reinforcement pieces and they are not going to move. If you are concerned, put a small dab of glue on the aluminum reinforcement pieces and reinsert into the plastic pipes before installing the hoses on the pipes.
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Yeah, that insert is completely the wrong size. I agree with D4KGP that Rimmer shoulfd provide a refund, or at the least, send you another one at no cost. Have you sent that picture to Rimmer?

I took a look at my F's original expansion tanks, which was replaced when I installed a B&G low coolant alarm, and the original does not have metal inserts at the hose connections.
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The original tank that was fitted to the car, which did not have Al inserts, was fitted for 15 yrs and ~85,000 miles. The replacement, which was part of B&G's coolant alarm kit, did have the Al inserts.

Austin's suggestion of fitting your own inserts is an excellent one, or just fit the tank since you are not getting anywhere with Rimmer, which is really odd in my experience, I've found their response to issue to be excellent in my experience.
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