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Exhaust flexi joint

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Just a general question.
The exhaust flexi joint under the oil sump is also covered with some sort of metal meshed sleeve.
This (and normaly proberly does on a lot of rover 45s) has broken off on the ends, causing it work loose, slide and spin around and rattle like mad.

Anyone have a fix for this OR can it be cut off?
Is it needed for any vital purpose, because even with it off the flexi joint is still there and is still airtight.

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Mine partly broke but the MOT people said that as long as the joint didn't leak forget it. So as a suggestion why not put large jubilee clips around each end to keep it in place. Jubilee clips can be opened fully to fit over continuos piping such as an exhaust. Just make sure you do not clamp the joint.
i'll see how I go with a jubilee clib or two.
The noise when moving off is driving me nuts.
It's the only noise coming from my car, which is vary rare indeed..
not a lot can be done only cure is a new down pipe, after looking around before replacing mine , cheapest solution was a new down pipe.
the replacment part (in stainless just flexi part ) was more expenxive than a new down pipe.
guy on fleabay was selling them cheap awhile back not sure if they are still the same price now but may be worth checking out.
I removed mine from my ZS before it went for MOT and it passed with no problems.
Mines rattled since I first got it four years ago! I thought it was the mesh at first, so I put some jubilee clips on. Turns out, its the CAT rattling inside, but its past 5 mot's so cant be serious.
The flexi joint on my diesel exhaust is leaking. Anyone know what size I need to replace it?
Revive a thread time.

Is the down pipe with flexi on the 25 diesel the same as the one for the 45 diesel?
Great thanks. Found one for sale so was double checking.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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