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exhaust blowing/pulsing emmistions

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long story short i noticed last night that instead of getting a steady stream of emmistions from the exhaust it was pulsing between normal pressure and nothing. I did put my hand over the exit and somthing in the back box started to rattle slightly but i wouldnt say it started to blow.

I know i need to replace a coil pack in the near future would a missfire cause the pulsing emmistions although i dont have a eml light on at the moment. (it will sometimes come on and stay on and i get a miss fire code and sometimes flash with a missfire code)

i hope i have explained myself well enough
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were you checking it cold or after a run? mine smooths out once the exhaust is up to temperature
sorry for the slow reply but i have been busy swaping engines and gearboxs etc in a friends car. it definetly does it hot and cold any other ideas
Shouldnt they always pulse? remember the gasses arnt going into the exhaust in a fluid motion. My friend has a very highly tuned mini and that thing pulses like crazy.
if u can tell the pullses at 900-1100 revs per min ur doing welll.... im talking about slow deliberate pulses.
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