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i'm driving a R25 but
i have a couple of questions... (im not so brilliant in technics you see)

1) Is it normal that the surface of my engine (the black part where twin cam is printed on) is rather hot?

2) When the engine is turning, but im not driving, the cooling fan begins to rotate after about 6-8 mins, is this normal (becouse the big tube right above the radiator feels realy hot)?

3) A sputtering sound is comming from my exhaust... normal?

4) Do you "hurt" the engine when you push it to 5000rpm if the engine is cold?

All stupid questions i know but i wouldn't want my pride to be sick :)

Tnx for the answers!!!

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Engine temperature ok?

In order of asking:

1) Yes, it will be very hot; you won't be able to put your hand on this part for long after a fast run

2) Yes, this is normal, otherwise the engine would overheat & boil over

3) The exhaust can sound rather 'spluttery' on a 214/25, this is completely normal :)

4) One word.....YES! Don't exceed 3000rpm or so until the engine is up to temperature

Hope this helps :D

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