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Ok guys this is going to be done ;)

Just wondering what else im going to need... i have the bare engine here (head and block) no inlet manifold, pas pump, loom etc.... but i can use the one from my 1.6 so im told etc.

So guys......... what else am i going to need? one person says swap the flywheel from my 1.6 to it to stop the alarm going mad. And thats it. Oh also some manifold gasket ?

But other people have told me that i will need the ECU from a 1.8 and then to keep the 1.8 flywheel in, they say i will also need the fob for the old engine?

Im v. confused.

Is it an easy thing to do.. i could save myself some serious dosh doing it myself what do you need to do to swap and engine over ??

Anyway no doubt someone like major will come and hammer this thread.
Cheers Guys!
Deaney :rocker:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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