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Engine Map Info

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Hi. I'm trying to set up a decent MPG calculator using DashCommand on my iPhone. I've got access to a few bits of engine data through a generic WiFi OBD2 connector, but they are limited to RPM, MPH, MAP, MAF, IAT, ECT and Throttle Angle.

I think I've got an idea how to calculate a rough instantaneous MPG from this lot, but I need some info on the standard Diesel map - my car is a 2004 Rover 45 Mk2, 103PS.

I'd like a rough table of the full map if possible, or if not, just the AFR or fuel amount at various throttle percentages. I'd be happy with some data just at 0%/1% throttle and 100% throttle for a given MAF value.

I'm assuming that, apart from idle, the fuel cuts off at 0% throttle.

If anyone can point me to a guide as to how the fuelling is worked out, that would be great too. I'm currently assuming it's mainly based on MAF and Throttle %.

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