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Engine management light never ever comes on help please !

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Posted this on the landy forum but just wonderd if anyone here can help e basically as the title says the EML never comes on not even when the ignition is on i have check'd fuses well the ones i think are for it but all look ok and have put a working bulb in the dials but still nothing am i missing something ? any help would be spot on

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hey did you ever find the cure to this my L series is still the same

no mate couldn't get it to work put a working bulbs in it check'd the fuses i thought was for it and still nothing so gave up :(
thanks for getting back to me

i found that i had no bulb in mine but a bulb in and still nothing

so tested the live to the bulb and got 12v followed the return wire which would d be earth to the ECU and turns out im not getting a goo earth the only down side is all the ECU earth's are fine which for me im thinking ECU problems

with having a Hawkeye machine it makes fitting a replacement ECU easy enough but got more important things to do first
sounds like this is probably the same problem with my dads freelander but car runs fine at the moment just a lil down on MPG but o well lol wont be getting another ecu for it will leave it as it is lol
i will be but not until i have got it past the next MOT and other things fixed but i will send you a PM with the out come :)

ok mate cheers
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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