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engine bay temperature sensor

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i know that the engine bay temperature sensor is normally just above the expansion tank but i don't seem to have one, more confusing is i also don't have a plug for one to fit into, as my tf is a late 04 model i do have the factory low coolant alarm which is normally taped together in the same loom as the engine bay sensor. My engine bay fan used to work as normal until i had the 160 engine fitted and the ecu but now it stays on permanently so i disconnected it but i'd like to put this right if anyone has any ideas. I believe the fuse box was changed in 04 so i'm wondering were there any changes to the wiring? was the temp sensor moved? any ideas or advice gratefully recieved.
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Yes the wiring loom did change for the 04MY and is quite different to other F/TF's up until that point. The engine bay temperature sensor was also moved (not sure where to)
temp sensor

cheers chris, guess it's time for a look about for it, changing my cam bolts for uprated one's this weekend so hopefully i'l find it then.
Was just chatting the Mark from ZandF Tuning while he took a look at my car. He said later cars dont have an engine bay temp sensor and the engine bay fan should operate at the same time as the rad fan. This now makes sense as I had noticed the engine bay fan on my 2005 car operates much more frequently then the fan on my old 2003 car did.

If the fan is permanently on, I would suspect the coolant temperature sensor or its wiring (check it hasn't burnt through on the exhaust). Ironically its looking like the coolant sensor is also the source of my recent issues. On a cold engine it reads 2deg, with the engine hot 25deg :lol:
engine bay temp sensor

Cheers that saves me looking everywhere for a sensor that doesn't exist, the problem i have is that i now have a 2003 tf160 ecu to run the vvc160 head and obviously the 2003 engine loom, the loom that would normally have the engine bay temperature sensor is however still the late 2004 so my ecu isn't getting any signal from a sensor so is running the fan constantly so i'l have to buy a sensor from a breakers and connect it into the ecu.
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