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some one know how mani hp have the honda engine of the 216i cabriolet???
because in my house we have 4 rover
620 aut '97 my father car
416 aut '97 my brother car
216si aut cvt '98 my car
216 cabriolet '94 my father car to

i drove all the cars and i think that the cabriolet is the faster
could be??, was very impresive because my mom drive this car
i think that the 416 honda engine have 110 hp
the 620 honda engine 130 hp
the 216si 110 hp
but i dont know how mani have the 216 cabriolet honda engine
help me

and i like to know how mani time need the 216si '98 cvt to get 100 km/h
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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