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"We are pleased to announce"


We know that the Emergency Key Access Code system is very frustrating sometimes when it takes many times to get it to simply work,
nevermind finding the code in the first place, so we came along and supplied the code online in minutes every single day!

Thousands of MG & Rover owners have used our online EKA Code Service and we are pleased to say most of our customers have sucessfully
entered the code either with our instructions or the hand book, however, things dont work out the same for all of us and we occasionally have
one or two EKA Codes that simply refuse to work......... Why?

The original EKA code will work unless a company has used a diagnostics machine to re write the code or they have replaced the 5AS or Pektron Unit
in the vehicle in this case the original EKA Code will not work... So!

We now offer you a very simply and no fuss guarantee:

If the original Emergency Key Access Code we supply does not de activate the immobiliser, you can now post the 5AS
or the newer Pektron SCU alarm unit to us via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, we will check the EKA Code written in the unit
and send it straight back to you with the EKA code on a business card for your reference!

We can even read the Pektron SCU if it is locked out to normal diagnostics!

Do not worry about the return postage this is on us to thank you for your custom.

You have nothing to lose using our easy & safe online EKA code retrieval service, you can have the code in minutes 9am - 11pm Fully Guaranteed
simply visit out website

Any Questions telephone 01379 669 375.

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