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Ebay service kits opinions welcomed

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I would welcome opinions from people more knowledge than me (shouldnt be to hard to find) on the quality and value of the above while I realise that some of the items are not going to be of the very best quality ie plug leads from what I can gather magnecor are the best but not cheap also plugs are probably the same ok but not the best will there be a marked difference in the running of the car in using the very best components or is the benefit more in increased durability :)
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as long as you give the full details of your TF (the HT leads vary from F VVC to TF VVC) I can't see anything wrong with that kit.....apart from it seems very pricey.
Probably cheaper to go to a motor factors and buy the parts separately. Plug leads aren't really necessary for a service unless yours are giving bother the rest of the parts are of good quality though.
Last year I bought a service kit from eBay without the oil as that tends to make the P&P expensive, I would also only buy a kit if the parts are OEM at less then could be bought at my local Xpart Centre otherwise as said you may as well buy from a local motor factor.
I bought a genuine MG Rover service kit from an xpart dealer on ebay.

It had the air filter, new plugs, oil filter and sump washer.

Then I just bought some nice oil from halfrauds.

I got mine from here:

Which is the same as this part on Rimmers, only cheaper:

Although I'm not sure if the airbox on a trophy is the same size as a TF, or if it's different?
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