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I've had my DSLR for a few years now, mainly using it at car shows and on holiday. Does produce some decent shots, but I'm wanting to step it up a gear now.

Its a Sony A200, nothing special, but it does the job.

Its got the standard 18-70 lens on it.

Not really spent any money on it, apart from a tripod, additional battery and a remote wire.

So, any advice on what I need to be spending my money on, be it lenses, filters etc.

I've looked on a few photography forums, but just don't want to go out, spend a load of money to find that what I've bought it just rubbish.

I do tend to edit all my photo's on Photoshop, but in general I just feel they look abit flat, and lacking something.

Heres a couple of examples:

Any help/advice is appreciated,
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