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Someone help! I’ve a 2004 Streetwise which I having CDL probs. The car was off the road for sometime with the battery removed. During that period the passenger front door (its a 5dr) decided that despite being unlocked, it wouldn’t open from either inside or outside. Once the battery was connected it started working again! I’ve since changed the osf door and that now has the same issue, although the disconnecting battery trick doesn’t work. I’ve got the door card off and tugged at various rods and still no luck. Now if if try to unlock the car with the fob it does, but then automatically locks itself again. I’ve been advised it could be the tailgate wiring (one to check tomorrow when it’s light) the SCU, the lock itself that needs smashing off... anyone been here before? And what bit of the lock do I need to smash off? Any advice greatly appreciated!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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