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Door Trim

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OK, just wondering where the screw is on the "right" of the drivers door trim, I took the handle off and the "material" insert bit but nothing under there, quite a git to get it back on as well.

It keeps slighty rattling as I drive, and its getting annoying now, I think it could do with a tighten up.
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are there screws in the door trim apart from in the handles??

i think the 25/ZR's are the push fit types now.
Well when you open the Door you can see the left screw as you obviousy know, Tightened that as much as a could, but nothing on the right side, unless its a slot in type.
can't remember that well to be honest. i try not to mess around with mine too much cos it's been to the dealer 4 times for a rattle in the door and it's still not sorted.

is there a trim around the door pin??? if not this bit rattles.

it's possible that it could be the central locking rod rattling against the metal or glass......they can work loose sumtimes.

i turn the stereo up now cos it winds me up!!!
there are 4 screws for the front doors.

there're two hidden in the handle.

the screws are hidden by a cap on new cars.
after that you need to lift the door trim to remove it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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