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Door Speakers

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Found out I have a LOT of static and crackling from one of my speakers mounted in the door. Now, can I get an ordinary set of speakers from halfords/Argos etc, OR Must it be a Rover specialist one?
I'll probably have to do some cutting away of the trim if whatever I get is slightly larger...........I'll cross that when I come to it
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think they're 6.5" speakers in the front - you'll need to take the door card off to fit them, don't pull the covers off, that breaks them. you might need to drill some extra mounting holes for aftermarket speakers but no more than that, if you get the right size.
One of our door speakers went recently and there happened to be some Sony Explode speakers left at our new rental place. They look great but were smaller sized so I just cut a basic plywood adapter ring-thing to fit. Didn't take long to do and worked a treat.

The old speaker had mold on it and the wires looked somewhat coroded so I'm not surprised it got fried....
Front speakers are 17cm 6.5 inch. For a proper fit get a piece of mdf and put the old speaker on it and draw round it. Cut it out with a jigsaw and drill the 3 screw holes that line up with the existing holes in the door. The using a jigsaw again cut a hole in your new mounting bracket for your new speakers to sit in.

Yeah it was just like that although I believe there 4 mounting screws on the 216 (and I didn't have MDF or a jigsaw). I used the mounting ring to draw the outer circle and to mark the screw holes. Worked well for the smaller Sony speakers and they do sound good.
On a 200, the front speakers are housed in a large plastic case, with 3 screws holding them to the door.

The connector for the speakers has standard spade plugs inside, and the plastic housing is very soft. It is but a moments work to slice the plastic away and simply plug the connectors into new speakers. Very easy.
Just make sure you count all you're fingers after.

And as said above, dont be an idiot (like me) and remove the speaker cover from the door card (unless you have custom covers with the speakers).
Although, I do prefer the look of the speakers than the cover, so fitted my speakers to the door card itself!:hysteria:


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