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door handle ? car lock

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thanks to some gremlin the barrel on the door lock seems to have been pushed into the door through the handle. after a quick look there seems to be a bayonet fitting type on the handle made of plastic which has broke. is this the case or does the barrel attach by something else. also if i was to change the barrel on the door would i disturb anything else, if i was to have two keys one for the door and ignition.
car is now locked but i can only get in through the boot,
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when I colour coded my 600 i fitted the lock barrel into the new handel so i still have one key for all.

The first handle i got had the barrel pushed in which i didn't notice had snapped the plastic where a U clip holes the barrel in but the barrel was ok. So you probably only need another door handle.

Best bet is to take the door trim off and have a look.

I have also taken the barrel out of the lock before and swapped all the sliding pins and springs over. Very tidious 15 minute job but it did work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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