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ive just done the tb and cable mod to my r25 and now it flys along. It is more 5k and above rather than taking ages to get to 4k. It sounds loads better too, like its got a k+n on it instead of like a diesel. It took about half an hour at most and is a really easy job.

Remove the black pipes that are connected onto the tb.
Remove the four bolts holding the tb in place (8mm).
Follow the cable to the bulkhead, there is a butterfly nut holding it in place.Turn 90 degrees to the left and it releases it.
Next into the footwell and the cable just unclips to the right.
Pull the cable through the hole where the butterfly nut is making sure not to lose the o-ring.
Then simply put in place your new tb and route the cable back through the bulkhead. The cable only hooks back on to the pedal one way. If you look at the end of the cable there is a clip with a notch on it that locates on to the pedal. Reconnect hoses to tb and you are done.
Mine didnt need any cable adjustment but check your tension in the cable before diving it away.
Hope this helps anyone wanting to do this mod.
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