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Doing a Clutch on a MGF

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what sort of a job is it to do, does the engine need to come out?

while going through the lights yesterday evening my clutch has almost gone, it bites right up the top now and had a horrid smell coming from it.

not even sure its going to get me home tuesday!
at least i have RAC cover lol
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Think you have to drop the subframe, slit engine and box, replace clutch :(

Check it isn't the arm sticking first...
Did ours without dropping the engine or the subframe, but there isnt a lot of space.
Did ours without dropping the engine or the subframe, but there isnt a lot of space.
OK Steve I know where to come when Red 19 needs a clutch
Get on Red 19's clutch is hardly worn in yet.:lol:
It's a nasty job on the deck, only made a little easier if a 2 post ramp is to hand.

Possible to do without dropping power unit out as has been said but it's fiddly.
i have done one many years ago in place without removing subframe ,on a 2 poster ramp

i wouldnt like to do one on the floor ,that would be a nightmare

i have just stripped the rear end of my TF and quite alot of bolts have snapped also ? which makes the job alot harder and mine is a 54plate but nothing has ever been touched or undone so no i got the job of driiling them all out and repairing them
Snapped rusted and rounded bolts, thats the reason I went the route I went of minimal removal. was a pain and a struggle, but thought drilling out any snapped bolts would be far worse.

I had about 4" of clearance engine to gearbox, any less would have been impossible.
not a bad job really, done it twice in a weekend on my sisters car just using axle stands, nothing to worry about with it, will just need a mate to give you a hand shifting the box about during removal and refitting. fit the mike satur release arm whilst your there, possibly also new gearbox seals and the mike satur bell crank.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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