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do i or dont i? upgrade to ZS180 front brakes

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atm the ZS has the vented 262mm front discs and the solid 240mm rears. the brakes are fine for most driving conditions, but after having 282mm brakes on my Rover 220 i know how good they could be ;)

the dilemma is that during the winter just passed i fitted some winter wheels which are some Rover 216GSi steel wheels with i think 175/65/14 tyres, which are so much better for traction in the snow its untrue compared to my 205/45/17's.

now the issue is if i fit these bigger front brakes the steel wheels wont clear the brakes on the front

my route to work does involve alot of B-roads which are never gritted come the winter time...

what would you do?
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Fit the brakes.

And take christmas off.
Fit the brakes, buy snow chains.
Unless you regularly get brake fade then leave them as 262's.
fit them, even better buy mine and fit them ;)

i'm with ETV if you dont get brake fade stick with the 262's
Yep, I've fallen out with my 262 rig after some abysmal performance today so I'm going to go to 282's. Which i would have done already had I not been too lazy.

But it will happen. I personally blame the pads but might aswell get it all right and do the work once.

I reckon shutting the turbo vanes and stopping the car with emp works better than these brakes do....
got myself 282 setup and there going on tomorrow and i cant wait,

i felt my 262 solids where getting fading so there getting changed
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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