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Deep-dive into ECU workings

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Before you start screaming hear me out.
I have been using the python coding language on a daily basis for a couple of years now and once in a while I stumble across scripts that supposedly allow you to access car diagnostics ... etc., now I've never tried it out but it got me wondering to what extent I might be capable to access and modify ECU maps with a standard laptop and some coding skills.

Obviously I would first need to wrap my head around how ECU/map "files" look like and interact. Any idea where I can find information on that, or more generally information on the ECUs that have been used (i.e., manuals)?
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It’s already been done Mate check out
Oh wow. Someone did quite some research there. Haven't gone through it in detail though it seems not to cover the 2.5KV6 or am I mistaken?
The 2.5 L kv6 is a completely different ecu pretty sure it’s made by Bosch
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