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Damn carwash!

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Took my car through the carwash as a last minute thing as the weekend had been spent preparing my sons christening so could wash it myself. Wanted it looking clean for the day. The carwash has left some minorish scratches and as thus I require your advice.

I've seen T-Cut used in various jokes around here but basically wondered if this would work?

Also the best technique to use such a product and the way I can keep the surrounding areas looking good.

Thanks folks!
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Was going to say that same.. scratch x.. Although T-cut will work, I havn't used it for a good while though as it will just keep thining out your paint
what do you think scratchX does?

if you have a scratch in your clear then the only way to get rid ofit is to lower the level of the surrounding clear to the same level as the scratch hence cutting it out

cheers, simon :)
it wasn't a sarcastic reply, it simply came accross wrong in text :)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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