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Just thought we would Post up a new service called Cross Keyed that we can offer you.

If you have more than one rover with a Pektron Unit SCU/BCU then this would apply to you.

We can also offer the same service to 5AS installations with the two button Lucas fobs. (see below).

We can program your existing Keyfob(s) from your Pektron unit to your 'other' cars Pektron unit and vice versa -theirs to yours.

Double insurance as you will have twice as many working Keyfobs available to BOTH vehicles.
Without having to buy any MORE Keyfobs.

If you have only one Keyfob on two cars by doing this you will have TWO Keyfobs BOTH in separate places.
IE not lost at the same time (we hope!)


Both cars will have TWO Keyfobs.
Both fobs will operate either car.
Both fobs will normally not be in the same place at the same time.
IE your pocket or Jacket.

No NEW Keyfobs to buy.
Only needs Cross Keyed programming to each Pektron unit and then returned the same day. Back with you the next.

We will supply the following data FREE (decoded from the units) your ACTUAL Working EKA.
Which is not always the one that is stored on the OLD MGRover databases that are available on the net.

And the blister pack Hex numbers that will enable you to program your existing keyfobs to another car
if required at a later date. (Most people do not have these, as they never had sight of the orginal packet.)

IE This:

Plus an additional bonus is that after using Cross Keying or our normal Keyfob Programming we will have backed
up your Memory Dump Data safely, which allows you the added bonus of having another unit programmed
and sent to you instantly without you having to remove and send your existing one.

If you purchase a second hand unit from us or send us one from ebay
we can Reload it and it will be a exact CLONE of your existing one,
so will be plug and play. You will never again then have to have
a Pektron unit matched or synced to your existing ECU.

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