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Creaking 45 1.4 is X reg 18K

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Hi, Can anyone shed some light on the problems below.

The car has a creaking from both front & back at slow speeds (assume it's also at hi-speed but drowned out by engine / road noise).

Front - Creaks generally from the front, not particularly passenger side as i've read some other threads. It's worse if the surface is not flat i.e. slope, kerb e

Back - Creaks Generally from the back, i've noticed it's worse with more passengers.

I can make the back creak manually by lifting up the rear wheel arches 1" or so. Front is a little more difficult, but not impossible.

The garage that i've bought the car from have now apparantly 'fixed' the car twice, replacing bushes at the rear (exactly' where, i've yet to determine).

So.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will of course be back to the garage as my first (sorry 2nd) port of call, but as far as all i know, they may as well have just parked my car next to an oil can and hoped for the best!!!

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Creaking from the front seats has always been a problem on the 45. Could be that as for the rear it has to be the suspension or an incorrectly adjusted hand break. I guess you have rear drums?.
Had this on a Mk 1 400, and a spray of 'rubber and nylon' lubricant on the anti-roll bar bushes every month or so worked wonders and cured the prob!

Creaking 45

Sorry for the delay -- But thanks for the info. Strangely though wet weather seems to help. so i will be spraying it up shortly.
There was officially a "Shocker recall", related to the bushes I think done on most vehicles after coming out of the factory about that time. It took 2 garages to sort mine out.
Apply LM grease to the door catch mechanisms.....
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