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Sandstone (creamy Grey) Cloth Interior For The Coupe :)

The door cars have tweeter holes in, drivers one has abit of a defect in the hole neaset the mirror (top left) its caved through round the outside of it so you would need to put some kind of backing/a washer behind it.

Front seats are sound, rears are MINT as nobody sits in them. from an R reg 1997 coupe (mine).

Needs abit of a clean on the drivers seat

Includes, the seats, Front & Rear, the front door cards (tweeter holes cut in), and the rear door cards.

Look like the seats below but the ones for sale are cloth round the outside not leather as below.

Looking For £30 ! To get rid of them as i need them out my way... buyer MUST COLLECT! from coventry.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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