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Hi everyone, I'm a newcomer to the world of MGFs having just bought a '96 VVC that's been stored for the last 8 years! (couldn't resist, even the "other half" seems keen).

I'm currently replacing the coolant, and for better/worse (not sure) I decided to flush and refill with OAT. But I'm still bleeding off a green-tinged liquid!

I think the old green coolant may have been stuck in the engine block. Does anyone know how best to flush the block clear?
I wondered about running water into the "jiggle bleed valve" stub on the engine, to push water out the bottom of the block though the heater circuit?

Any help would be appreciated.

PS. I've already picked up loads of useful info via your forum, I'm just hoping the HG's OK!! (hence my concern over coolant).
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