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Hi all looking for some help with my MGTF vvc 2002 . I am haveing 2 top the coolant level up every 2 weeks or so. I park in my drive and have looked for leaks but cannot see any. When i park it up the cap on the coolant tank is Hissing as if 2 let out the pressuer. I am guessing it should do this. All help would BE a great help. Only had the car 6 weeks. Also i think the fan belt needs ajusting. As sometime it spueals. Need help on how 2 do that 2. THANKS...SEAN
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If the cooling system isn't under pressure, the coolant will boil and you will have to keep topping it up. If the expansion cap is hissing them it isn't holing pressure and the cap needs replacing. Don't let the tank boil dry, else you will need to bleed the cooling system to prevent air locks when refilling with coolant.

If you still find your loosing coolant with a new cap fitted, then its likely that either you have a leak from a point where the coolant is burning off rather then dripping onto the floor (inlet manifold gasket or water pump for example) or its leaking into the engine (identifiable from emulsification or 'mayo' on the dipstick and underside of the oil filler cap. In either case, taking it to a garage for a pressure test to identify the reason for the coolant loss is a good idea.
re loss of coolant get a new cap asap as these have a high failure rate if cap is not holding pressure coolant boils at a much lower temperature hopefully that will cure the loss of coolant there are different caps available get one of the oem ones these are black with a brass centre like this avoid the orange and yellow ones as these have proved to be the most unreliable re squealing belt I would have it changed depending on what service history says I would be probably change timing belt and water pump at same time on these cars the alternator belt snapping has been known to foul the cambelt which will leave you a repair bill in excess of £200
About a fiver to buy... sounds like the cap is faulty... get it sorted asap as it will cost you dearly if left un sorted. halfords have them in stock.

Dont remove the cap whilst the engine is hot either as it can cause scalds.
Thanks 4 help

Thanks guys 4 help. I will get a new cap and let u all know if this works. As with the fan belt. THANKS AGAIN ( Great site and very helpfull )
good news bad news

Hi quick up date. Got new cap still topping up. Had pressure test done 2day. Good news need new radiator. BAD news leaking from head 2. Looks like engine got 2 come out. Have bill from guy who had car before me. Head gasket done 23 /10/ 2009 if its only going to last about a year should i be looking at selling it
Why had the engine got to come out?

If the HG has only lasted for 12 months then it was either not installed correctly and/or the original problem that resulted in the original HGF wasn't found and fixed.

P.S Would you refrain from TXT speak - thanks. :)
as above, the engine doesn't have to come out for a hg i know it's had a pressure test, but how do they know it's the rad and the hg?
Hi again when they put the pressure test on the only 2 places the coolet was comeing out was the raditor and the head. Well thats wot they are telling me. I am only saying wot they are telling me
If they haven't been done already then I would have the under floor coolant pipes changed at the same time, unwelcome extra expense but piece of mind.
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