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Okay so here is a pretty unpalatable thought but what if MGR's bosses have switched sides? MGR's car making division is a separate company to the rest of the business. So if it goes bust then the other companies (and their assets) are ring fenced. Not sure but if the car production equipment is owned by another division then the car making division could theoretically crash owing millions but owning no real assets (except a workforce which it couldn't even afford to pay redundancy money). If the P4 own 25% of the new SAIC JV then they could move all the assets that have been ring fenced to China. The dealer network is already in the hands of the JV, so no complications there either. Powertrain has gone and MG has allegedly been signed over too. The 500 milion pound loan to BMW would evapourate and some suppliers would lose out big time (the ones that New MGR no longer wants to work with).

MGR have a diesel engine production facility ready to roll in India (thanks to a JV with Sonalika). The Chinese have been over here learning how the cars are put together. Everything is ready to go. In other words perhaps the P4 stand to make BILLIONS if MGR goes to China. Is MGR carrying lots of unsold stock, if it is then the transition would be smooth.

Only a conspiracy theory (and I don't believe in it), but it has potential if you are into such theories...... :err:
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